Getting Involved

If you are interested in our cooperation project and you want to participate, you have several possibilities:

  1. Become a member / (Fill out the form with your personal details).
    There is a /monthly /biannual/ annual or occasional/ open fee as a donation conducted to various projects aimed at the CMM. The fact of making a commitment to the timetable allows the CMM to know in advance which projects can be funded from our support.
  2. Handicraft project.
    As already explained, the Support Group carries out promotion of handicrafts from cooperatives of women driven by CMM. You can collaborate promoting crafts among your friends and acquaintances and participating with us in different solidarity and cooperation fairs.
  3. Dissemination.
    Another way to collaborate is to devote time to spread the “Support Group” and the CMM, especially when organizing events and tours or presentations of ​​Matagalpa women in Catalonia
  4. Technical advice.
    Moreover, if you are a computer expert/lover, you can maintain the "Support Group"’s Web and suggest or improve its communication skills.